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5 August 2011:

4 Oct 2012: How social media can boost profit 2274

29 Nov 2012 Harvard Business Review: Using social media to build emotional capital

Forbes 12 March 2013: Strategy without execution is hallucination

INSEAD Knowledge 16 Dec 2013: An emotional approach to strategy execution

INSEAD Knowledge 13 March 2014: What could have saved Nokia and what can other companies learn from it (with interview with former Nokia CEO) First or second most popular article on INSEAD Knowledge from April 2014 to current date companies-learn-3220


The Edge (Malaysia and Singapore) 17 March 2014

Finance Middle East UAE 9 April 2014 What could have saved Nokia and what can other companies learn from it


Aalto Universtiy:


INSEAD Knowledge 22 May 2014: Harnessing the power of envy


Jakarta Post 24 May 2014


INSEAD Knowledge 25 June 2014: How to lead strategic change without inciting a mutiny

INSEAD Knowledge 11 May 2015: Leaders who can read collective emotions are moreeffective

Reprints :
Management Issues

INSEAD Knowledge 5 August 2015: Humble narcissists make great leaders

INSEAD Knowledge 2 Sep 2015: A Chinese billionaire’s instruction manual for innovation

South China Morning Post (SCMP) Education Post: 7 Nov 2015: How being unconventional can pay dividends at work


INSEAD Knowledge 22 Sep 2015: Who killed Nokia? Nokia did (Most popular articles in 2015 on INSEAD Knowledge)

Reprints :
Financial Times:

Wally Bock Three Star Leadership:



INSEAD Knowledge 30 Nov 2015: Even millennials need middle managers


South China Morning Post (SCMP) Education Post: 5 May 2016: Middle Managers are crucial for innovation


INSEAD Knowledge 4 Jan 2016: Five reasons most companies fail at strategy execution strategy-execution-4441


Forbes blog: companies-fail-at-strategy-execution/#1a86a3557543
Chartered Accountants ANZ :

INSEAD Knowledge 30 March 2016: Scaling up emotional intelligence to inspire the crowd

INSEAD Knowledge 4 May 2016: Middle managers will rise in value

Jakarta Post:

INSEAD Knowledge 23 June 2016: Why corporate social media platform fail


INSEAD Knowledge 5 July 2016: Three lessons from Brexit for business leaders

INSEAD Knowledge 23 November 2016: The harmful effects of workplace incivility

INSEAD Knowledge 9 March 2017: How business can respond to populist pressures

INSEAD Knowledge 6 April 2017: The emotional sophistication tomorrow’s leaders will need

INSEAD Knowledge 5 July 2017: Strategic change is all in the timing (for INSEAD alumni magazine)

Smart brief: The strategic shortcomings of Jack Welch

INSEAD Knowledge 31 August 2017: How automation will rescue middle management

Harvard Business Review Blog 2 February 2018: IKEA’s success can’t be attributed to one charismatic leader (with M. Jarrett)

INSEAD Knowledge 26 February 2018: How happy talk can ruin M&As ((for INSEAD alumni magazine)

Harvard Business Review Blog 23 May 2018: How Nokia embraced the emotional side of strategy

INSEAD Knowledge 10 October 2018: how Nokia bounced back with the help of the board

Harvard Business Review Blog 12 December 2019: For Alibaba Singles Day is about more than huge sales

INSEAD Knowledge 12 May 2020: Four strategic priorities for the post Covid-19 world

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